We belong to the front-rank detachment of suppliers of concrete-mixers, concrete factories and so one.

Our concrete-mixers satisfied with the standard of EN. Our equipment are produced from the high quality steel component, with the cast-iron gear.Accordingly selected power of engine of concrete-mixer guarantees low energy consumption and high productivity. The concrete factories of the Bart Import Poland production are characterized a strong and reliable construction, and also considerable productivity. Applying modern technical decisions, we got high technical settings in conjunction with reliability, and also lightness and comfort in service. Use of mobile heaters of the POWER TEC brands, which do not need the special mounting, are the perfect decision of problem of the rapid and economic heating of objects. A frame is made from the sheet steel and painted of the powder-like paint. The heat-insulation of frame of a heater eliminates heating of the equipment during the use. Presence of wheels, supports and rails facilitates transporting of heaters.

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