Concrete plants

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Construction and principles of action:

Mixers, basket with windless, linen, pump of water, electrical operated bolt, base, stair, barriers, control board. CCM800 is adjusted to loading, mixing and unloading of a material. 
System for the mixing

System for the mixing is produced with the double shaft transmission, drum for the mixing and mixing leafs. Due to such construction we receive advantageous coefficient of the loading, steady mixing and fast unloading. The mixer is mounted to the factory base. The drive of the mixers is operated by an electrical motor through the transmission pass and reduction gear. Electrical motor is mounted to the base too.          An external part of the mixer is covered by the stable to elimination elements. The system of mixing leafs consists of the specially added shoulders. To the shoulders are mounted mixing leafs and scratchers, which clear the walls of the mixer.

Shoulders with mixing leafs and scratchers are specially mounted to the shaft and can execute circulating motions. Such system allows to mixing the components of concrete granulation 60 mm. At the bottom of the mixer is manned the special device for unloading of the prepared concrete mass. A device consists of motoreducer and bolt.

A segment executes closing and opening of the unloading hole. The operations of the closing/opening are limited by the switches.

System of the loading

The system consists of the windless, linen, loading collection.
Water supply system
The water supply system consists of the water pump, throttle, purifying device, nebulazing device. The throttle regulates amount and velosity of the pumped water.

Unloading system

The unloading system consists of the orifice and collecting cylinder.

Base construction

Base construction consists of the 4 stand, main dais, panels, watering-can and stairs.
The base is produced from the metallic types. Stands are mounted to the bridge by the proper bars and screw-bolts.


Linen is produced from the two segments.Upper parts leans againts a mixer and lower ending is mounted to the base. On the top of the mixer is placed the winch of the basket. The winch is equipped by a brake and two switches (overhead and lower position of basket). A lower parts of a transport track is in deepening under a basket.


A basket is made from sheet steel, there is a unloading orifice in the underbody. Unloading of basket takes place by opening a valve, caused under the action of fist of track. The basket is hooked by the rope. All wheels have roller-bearings and conducted between the shelves of channels.

Drive of the bolt

The bolt is drived by the typical motorreducer with an electrical engine. For control of the bolt is used control board: the frame is equipped by the outlying switches.

A dosage of water

A water pump serves for the dosage of water. The amount of pumped water is shown by the water measuring device. Portions of water each time are aimed by the water measuring device.

Description of the work

Before loading of the components it is needed to turn on the driver of mixers and close a bolt. After the load of basket is needed to turn on a winch which will transfer it to overhead position of track, and farther components are given to the mixer.

Unloading of the content of the basket takes place during 3-6 seconds. After 6 - 12 seconds the necessery amount of water is pumped. Mixing of components of concrete lasts about 25 - 40 seconds. Time of mixing depends on consistency of concrete mass; time of mixing of liquid concretes is greater, than plastic.

The ready concrete mixture is unloaded through the opened bolt to the proper transport vehicle. All actions are managed by an operator from to the control stand.

The whole cycle of preparation of one portion of concrete mass must not last, at the mechanical filling of basket, longer 45 - 60 seconds (depending on consistency of concrete mass).

The productivity of concrete factories is reduced at the hand loading of the basket.